Two of the best things in life… ice cream and cake. We believe that ice cream cakes are the best ice cream invention out there. Unique, delicious and hand made with your favourite choice of ice cream, our iScream cake is sure to wow your party guests!

But ice cream cake isn't the only thing we're good at. Don't forget our mouth-watering frozen desserts – Ball Cakes and Truffles! Refreshing and cooling, our Ball Cakes and Truffles can be made to feed everyone in your party or simply to compliment your special occasion.

So give yourself and your loved ones a cool surprise! Visit our store at Tropicana City Mall today!

Regular Scoop
Regular Scoop; Irregular Scream! 
(Available off-counter only)
For online store, offer minimum
double pints only
Variety Designs, with
double layers flavour option
(choose from 8" or 10")
Ball Cakes
5 Designs 5 Flavours
for your selections.
Something adorable!
10 Designs 5 Flavours.